The Sacred Embers Network is widely known for our popular and unique radio shows that air 7 days a week! Our podcast offers you a talented round table of psychics, mediums and healers who are ready to assist you! Tune in on your phone, PC or satellite radio for mini readings, metaphysical explorations, spiritual guidance, healing, love & laughter. Each day you will find a new show listed with something exciting to look forward to.  




Our shows start at 8 pm EST, 7 pm CST, 6 pm MST, & 5 pm PST daily unless otherwise stated (If your time zone is not listed: please go to and click the show for that day to see when we are live according to your time zone.


Call us at 646-564-9868 during our live shows for a chance to talk to our team! That number works only during live shows. (If you have a question before a show; email us at If you are outside the USA, call us through SKYPE during our live shows.


If you prefer not to call; you can always listen to any of our shows and talk to us LIVE through our chatroom. To access the chat room you must make a free BlogTalkRadio account. All of our podcast are recorded. Feel free to listen to the replay! 

Again, you can find us at


All participants must read our mandatory disclaimer before calling into our show or chatting with us live. Click the 'Read Disclaimer' button below to be directed immediately to our disclaimer. To be directed to our podcast, click the "SE Podcast" button below.


Interested in being in the know when it comes to Sacred Embers? Don't miss a second ! Check out our live calendar below for show topics and more fun Sacred Embers events (Note: Live calendar may only show up on desktop) !!

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